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2019 Junior Atemis

Congratulations once again to Kiran and Alex who both put on a fantastic display in their competitions and came away from the Junior Atemi Nationals this weekend with a gold each!

The Atemi Nationals are at the heart of what we do. Beginners can compete in a safe and controlled environment, whilst seeing a fantastic display of skills. This year saw an incredible performance from not just the club but also the entire region.


Alex - Green Belt (Large category) - Gold

Kiran - Yellow Belt (Large category) - Gold

TJJF Summer Ball

This weekend the group attended the annual TJJF Summer Ball. They headed to Nottingham for a celebration of another great year of Jiu Jitsu!

Congratulations to Jim Bass on being awarded "Instructor of the year"! Thank you to all who voted for him. Also congratulations to James Payne and Tom Grange (ex SJC) for achieving their black belts. An amazing achievement and an amazing evening!

2019 Junior Nationals Results

Results from the 2019 Junior Randori nationals are in. Congratulations to our two fighters!

Yellow Belt Competition: Kiran - Silver

Orange Belt Competition: Alex - Gold

Junior Nationals Results

Novice/Red Belt Competition: Kiran - Gold

Yellow Belt Competition: Alex - Silver

2017 Randori Nationals - Results!

The randori nationals were the weekend! And what a successful weekend it was. Biggest SJC attendance and medal haul that I know of! Cherie, Ethan, Peter, Konstantin, Steph, Blaine, Clark, Sarah, Justin and Scott all fought brilliantly and did the club proud. All the hard work they've been putting in in training paid off with the following results:

Ethan: bronze groundfighting, Sarah: bronze standing randori, Blaine: silver groundfighting, Clark: silver standing, bronze groundfighting, Steph: gold groundfighting! Sensei Fiona also picked up a silver medal in her standing randori, but unfortunately got injured in the process. Hope she heals up and is back on the mat with us soon!

All in all, brilliant weekend training with hundreds of others from around the UK, learning from some of the best instructors in the country. Fantastic effort from everyone in their competitions. Lessons learned: don't let Sarah near tequila.

New Venue Confirmed

We have a new venue!

As of Feburary, lessons will now be taught at St Deny's Community Centre.

2016 Atemi Nationals

Eamon wins silver in the Yellow Category.