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COVID-19 Safety Measures (Updated May 2022)


Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport. The Jiu Jitsu Foundation has approximately 2,500 members and our main priority is always the health and safety of everyone within the organisation.

Before you attend a session

Triggered by the discontinuation of free lateral flow tests, we have now dropped the requirement for proof of a negative lateral flow test result at each training session. In order to train at any TJJF club, all participants must meet one of the following requirements:

Students who have already showed their vaccination status via the NHS Covid Pass will not be required to evidence their status on every session.

If you do suspect you or someone in your household to have COVID-19, or indeed test positive, please stay away from training for a minimum of 5 days. Retest where possible, even if you're not feeling unwell. You are welcome to return to training as soon as you or your contacted party retest negative, provided you/they are showing no symptoms.

For those of you who still have access to free tests, we would still welcome their use where practical, and certainly if you're feeling unwell.

During training

We are no longer enforcing social distancing measures in class or around the dojo. Nevertheless, your training is your responsibility. We welcome to the use of masks both in general public areas and during training at the discretion of the individual student, if it would make you feel more comfortable.

Sanitiser is available around the dojo and our instructors will often have some on hand (pun intended!) for use before, during and after training.

Overall, listen to your body and feel free to pause or stop training if you are feeling unwell. Long COVID is a real concern and it is important to not push yourself too hard while still recovering. If there is something related to safety or COVID that you think is missing or has been overlooked during or outside of training, please let us know.

After training

Upon completing training, be sure to wash and disinfect your hands, and to thoroughly clean when you get home. This is good practice for maintaining good hygiene, regardless of risk of COVID-19!

If, following training, you do start to experience COVID-like symptoms or receive a positive test within 7 days of a session, please notify us immediately by emailing

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