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Two New Brown Belts!

Apr 01, 2022

Left to right: Sensei Sarah Brennan, Sensei Tom Smith (back), Sensei Clark Sirl (front), Sensei Justin Brennan, Sensei Jim Bass, Sensei Alex Trusselle

Southampton Jiu Jitsu Club is proud to welcome two new Senseis: Sensei Alex Trusselle and Sensei Justin Brennan.

Justin and Alex have worked hard and spurred each other on. They’ve attended the BBD’s and technicals. They’ve trained outside of the club. They’ve worked as team, and the work has paid off, as they both successfully graded to Brown in Birmingham this Sunday.

Justin started training Jitsu in 1991 at Loughborough University, where he graded to Purple. He also has Dark Blue in another style and now at long last he has his brown belt!

Alex is Black belt in karate and is used to training juniors. He’s been trained in Birmingham under Eric Lau’s trusty eye.

We are very proud to welcome them to the teaching circle, and this marks a new, amazing time for the club, which is now under the direction of Sensei Clark Sirl. Roll on Southampton Jiu Jitsu having an amazing future in their trusty hands.